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My name is Tami and I'm a wife, mother of two, and a student. My goals for this blog are to help you find ways to live sustainable, learn ways to make money without spending unnecessarily, improve your life, and avoid traps and pitfalls costing you precious time and money. I have spent a long time living from paycheck to paycheck, so I have learned lots of ways to make your money stretch. There are so many sites offering ideas and suggestions, so my goal is to collect and make all that information easy to find and use.

Throughout my posts you will notice a significant desire to protect and preserve our environment. I believe it's important to take care of our earth and what we are given. We don't need all the new flashy toys and designer wear. It's necessary to cut down what we use because eventually our supply will end. I believe in leaving our earth for our children in better shape than when we inherited from our parents.

I also do offer encouragement coaching and consulting as well as content writing. This is both to provide income for my family and to help encourage those who are creating their own content and just need a voice to reassure that their work is beautiful and worth something. Being a positive influence is very important to me, so if I can help just one person find their voice, then I feel that I have done good work.

So wonderful to meet you, and looking forward to hearing about your opinions, thoughts, and hopes through the content of this blog, through personal contact, and through a professional relationship (if that's what you desire). Welcome, and have a great and fantastic day!

Much love,

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