Thursday, January 10, 2019

Happy New Year! What I love about the first days of the New Year and Some Things I'll do differently.

Life is moving right along! It hasn't been the absolute best year of my life, but definitely nowhere near the worst I've ever been! There are good things and bad things that have happened, but I am choosing to focus on only the good for this review. As I've been working on this post during my days at work and when I'm out of work, it's been a little frustrating to get a clear and concrete thought process going. It can be difficult to get coherent thoughts out on paper when you're exhausted from
running around with two year olds all day, but here's a conscientious effort. Thankfully I only have another day of work before I can finish my week and have two days off.

As we transfer from 2018 to 2019, I would encourage you to spend more time without your electronics and with your children playing and dancing and making memories. I understand that sometimes I am guilty of spending more time than I planned on social media or the computer in general due to working online, but I plan on making non electronic memories more often this upcoming year. I believe that my decision to cut off electronics for the last day of 2018 has built some really good memories. We have had an impromptu performance, dance party, bed fort, camp in the living room, and tons of imaginary play scenarios!

I want my children to have good memories from their childhood, so dealing with some initial frustration and anger is worth it to give my kiddos a chance to build better relationships with each other and learn the way they learn best. They loved spending time with me and with each other, especially since they don't get a lot of time to play with just each other. I've also decided this year to cut down their use of technology as I feel that spending quality family time is more important. My kids are reacting like I thought they were, but overall it's going to benefit them so much more! As play has been shown to build better neural connections than staying in front of a screen, even if it's educational material. There's something about acting things out and remembering them better. For example, giving them a start to their imagination can help them build a better ability to create from a prompt and builds up their creativity. I got the idea from an article in called The Benefits of Play, which can be found at the bottom of this blog post if you're interested in reading further.

Another big thing I'm doing this year is setting up and building up my business as I've mentioned in my past blog posts. I love creating and making beautiful things, so this is one thing I really enjoy doing. Hoping for a great success for this upcoming year. My store opens January 25, so if you're interested in creative items and handcrafted stuff you can learn more at Fantastic Finds Boutique.

As we close this year and invite the new year in, my hope for you is to be filled with joy and peace and live in the knowledge that you are a priceless work of art. May you always know that you have worth and are valuable not by what you do, but by who you are. Nobody else is exactly like you and nobody can replace you. The beginning of the year is a time of affirmation, resolutions, and big plans to change something, be something, do something...etc. My hope is that you remember through your planning that you are wonderful and have things to give. It may be a rough patch in your life, you may be dealing with the consequences of poor decisions, but those do not define you. You are a survivor, conquerer, warrior, and worth it. The gyms are full of people deciding to lose weight and then giving up later because it was too much work. Don't be that person. Choose the activities you do being mindful of your ultimate goal. If you want to be healthy, start looking at all your life activities...your stress, the issues facing you, money and finances, what you eat...etc. Life isn't just going to change because you're in the gym 10 days a week. It's focused, constant, and something to work hard at. I'd encourage you to take a deep look at yourself and think of where you feel that you are falling short. Work on that, because when you can begin to heal from inside, the outside will reflect the difference!

Don't define who you are based on what anyone thinks. If you want to start a business, do facebook lives, begin a coaching program, learn how to do a skill you haven't learned before, DO IT! Ignore those who think you're not going to succeed and do it anyway. Do the thing you fear. Remember, I love you no matter what happens, no matter if you fall a million times. It's not the multiple failures that make a person, it's the ability to get back up and do it again that makes the character of the person. Never forget that!

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