Thursday, November 1, 2018

October Overview

Overview of the Month of October

For all you working parents with more than one kid, are pregnant, or working in a childcare facility or other high
intensity position, my hats off to you! It is so much more difficult than I thought or remembered. Makes me want to go back to school and gain experience in another field or focus crazy hard to get to where I'm working at home. At this moment, my daughter is in bed crying about how much she misses me, my husband is trying to spend time with me and all I want to do is completely disconnect for a couple minutes and stop thinking, but as it's the end and beginning of the month, here I am writing! I wrote a post in the beginning of the month detailing some of my plans for the month. Most of those kinda fell by the wayside as all of us have been sick and it's been difficult to do much else but baths and meals and bedtimes and trying to keep up on sleep. I'm hoping for a better month in November, especially with the holidays coming  up and all of that joy and hustle and bustle of that!
Accountability is huge to me though, so here's how last months goals stacked up to what I'd planned.

Blog Goals:

For October, my goal was to hit 2000 views. I wanted to get involved with as many blogs as I could as a way to promote others as much as I could and to provide a resource for those of you looking for information on topics I don't necessarily cover here. That's been a focus for a couple months, but my plan was to get it mostly finished and out there by the 31st or so. I got my view count for the month where I was hoping for, but having had a brutal month getting accustomed to my new position and the output of energy and troubleshooting made my writing have to take a back seat for a while. Hopefully this will change as I'm going to be transferring to something different within the same job and will have more energy at the end of the day to get things done. I got some stuff out there, but for the month of November, I will be improving those resources and getting a lot more comments and support for you lovely bloggers.

Income Goals:

Oh goodness, where to start? I have increased my income only slightly online, due to everything I mentioned before. Having worked a regular job has given me the revenue I needed to overcome with my husband's loss of one income, so all is not lost. I'm hoping for great news this month and the ability to cut down on hours and time. I know it's not likely to happen, and with this job/situation change, I won't really want to cut down much. The excitement is increasing and I'm so excited to see how this month goes!

Personal Goals:

OKAY, well I've learned a lot about myself, wrestled with some huge feelings of failure and depression, my anxiety was kicked into high gear and I had a lot of issues with feeling low. I really was not able to get a lot of personal goals completed this month. It's okay to have a bad month though, so I'm not worried.

So, What's Going to Happen in November?

Short answer...who knows!!! I have lots of things planned and lots of ideas. I don't think I'm going to post a whole lot, but instead focusing on improving what I have and what I've already posted.  My major goals will be to continue working towards providing even more content to my readers and also building the quality of my postings. I want to build up this post too, but sleep is overcoming me tonight.
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