Sunday, November 4, 2018

Giving Thanks in November

So, I'm going to do something new. This will be a continuously updated blog post giving thanks for at least one thing per day in November. As we're a bit into the month, I'll write my reasons
for thankfulness for each day that has passed and update every day or so til the end of the month. Please try to check back periodically for new updates. As I can become rather pessimistic at times, this will help me remember to not get so upset or think that nothing good is happening. So, here we go!

November 1

Thankful for a new month and chance to do new things. Thankful that I have a job that although incredibly frustrating and difficult, has given me the chance to pay more bills and help my family.

November 2

Today is my daughter's birthday, so I'm thankful I had the ability to have her and to give birth to her. She's been nothing but joy and happiness to my life!

November 3

I'm thankful for weekends and time to sleep a little. Thankful I can spend my weekends catching up with the kids and learning what they're doing in school.

November 4

Today I'm thankful I have one more day before everything starts back up to write this post and do some creative things before tomorrow's craziness.

November 5

Today I'm thankful I'm feeling happy and not upset or depressed. Life isn't the best but I woke up today and my kids are awesome!

November 6

Today I'm thankful for having a job, and also for being able to leave early when I have the chance. I am enjoying my night now and spending time playing an old favorite game!

November 7

Thankful for a husband who stays with my children while I work and who takes care of them and does fun things with them so they aren't bored or missing me too much. He's been fantastic to them and I'm so happy we're making it work with his broken hand.

November 8

So happy today's Thursday, we have one more day of work, and I had one of the best work days of the entire month or so I've been working.

November 9

Thankful for Fridays, and the ability to work where I fit best. Thankful that I have two days of rest and relaxation and a chance to catch up on everything during the weekend.

November 10

Thankful for the ability to sleep in a little, to get a chance to go to the grocery store while I'm NOT exhausted, and to spend wonderful quality time with my kiddos!

November 11-14

It's been a second since I updated, so I'm not really sure what the next few days I was thankful for, so I'll do my best to summarize. I'm thankful for the good days at work and the successes I'm reaching in my personal and professional life. These days tend to blend together, so it's hard to specifically remember exactly, except I just have an overwhelming gratitude for everything. Husband started back working, we're back to three paychecks, and life's really finally looking up! So happy and excited!

November 15

Thankful for an amazing number of pageviews today even after the day's views count closed at 6pm my time. I reached a staggering 349 views and counting, bringing up my total blog views up to 2008 for November, and it's just barely the middle of the month. Looks like I'll be updating my goals for the month as I've already reached it fifteen days into the month! Thank you to whomever read and enjoyed my writing this month! Ya'll are fantastic!

November 16

Thankful for the page views I got yesterday and for the ability to get some much needed dermatologist work done. Also thankful for an employment that allows me to switch my schedule around to still get the hours I need and make the appointment and have enough time to get everything I needed to get done.

November 17

Thankful for the ability to have weekends off and for time to sleep like I needed to to kill off this dreadful cough and sick feelings! I have felt nasty most of this week, so having a day to rest is huge for both my mental and physical health.

November 18

I'm totally happy about the fact that my husband and I will have two days off together to do family things and catch up with each other. It's also been another great day of relaxation and time with my kids.

November 19-25

Thankful for the joys of this month and the holiday season coming up! It's been a crazy week and I haven't been able to update much at all due to a crazy family situation involving a mad dash from family members to grab us to visit a family member dying. We didn't make it due to circumstances out of our control and she passed without seeing us. This was incredibly sad, but I'm still thankful that things didn't get much worse as it most likely could have been. I'm getting ready for the new week with work and everything accompanying that, so I'm slightly stressing out. It's okay though. Getting holiday decorations up and setting up for the holiday season. My porch has lights up and some of my indoor decorations are up. I'm caught up mostly on laundry and the kids will be bathing and I'll be setting up school clothes and such so that this week is as stress free as possible. I haven't done as well as I wanted with this post, but that's okay. I've done better than if I hadn't done it at all!
I'm also thankful that I've passed 3000 views for the first time ever!

November 26-30

I'm taking it a few days at a time because I have neither the time nor motivation nor the memory to remember everything that's happened that I'm thankful for. It's been a rough month for us, but I'm so thankful for the strength of the bond of family, for the ability to weather a crisis (or 10 at a time) without breaking and crumbling. Having had employment with low cost childcare has been a life saver, having dermatology appointments that were very overdue, and being able to take my kids into the doctor before their sickness got worse has been something I'm truly thankful for. My job has also been incredibly understanding when I had to leave early to cover the care for my kids while my husband worked is also a huge blessing too. Hoping for less crises this coming month to end out a very eventful year!

Conclusion of November's Month of Thankfulness

Well, this truly has been a fabulous exercise in remembering to look for the good no matter what. I will definitely continue to find good things to remember throughout the rest of this year, and plan to work really hard providing even better content. Lots of ideas are in the works for me, including throwing myself into my e-commerce business, getting my home really and truly organized, and making sure that I'm continuing my health and wellness through essential oils and the Thrive Experience. It's been too long since I've had the energy I need to get through the days and weeks, so I'm super excited to be able to eventually afford to resume my journey to a better health and state of mind. My mental health has been a huge priority and will continue to be worked on so that I don't regress back into that dark mental place I've lived in for too long. I love all my readers and am so thankful I get to experience life with you. Thank you for reading and may you be blessed in all your endeavours!

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