Sunday, October 28, 2018

End of Month Encouragement

Apologies for only one post so far this month! It's been a very difficult month settling into a
new schedule, dealing with my poor husband's broken hand, loss of one income, and tons of difficulty with my own job. It's very difficult being a three year old classroom teacher to say the least. I can definitely say that this isn't where I need to be and that's okay. This is not permanent.

Seasons like this are okay. We don't always get what we want and often we are placed in situations that will teach us patience, long suffering, and how to wait for life to get better. Many times we get mad or upset and end whatever job or issue that's causing us suffering too soon, causing issues with finances or whatever is being fixed. It is good to remember that often the intense pain we are suffering through has a point...even if the point's just that we don't have a future in what we are doing. Stay the course until you feel that you're being led to something else. A lot of giving up too quickly has to do with your own personal growth. Here's a post I wrote about some tricks and personal habits regarding my own personal growth. Perhaps some of them will help you.

This won't be super long as I need rest before my difficult week begins again. Thanks to my lovely parents, my daughter will be re-enrolling into where I work so that her separation anxiety will lessen somewhat. I'm excited to have her back where I can watch her learn, but apprehensive as she usually likes to dawdle on the way to work and make me late.

In other news, I'm really excited to get back into the editing field. I'd taken a sabbatical to get myself accustomed to working full time, but my plans are to work weekends and take a couple clients every week to get them to where they need to be. As my availability's a lot lower, I'll be lowering my prices to reflect that. My quality will not change, but quantity's lower until I can get back home and working only at home.

Also, I'm working hard on another listing of my own favorite bloggers to read. Please let me know who you love reading and why and maybe it'll be added on to my list! Please don't forget I'm on Twitter and Facebook and love to hear from my readers!

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