Monday, October 1, 2018

5 Routines I Plan to Implement for October

HELLO OCTOBER!!! It's been a crazy last few days, with sickness, drama, tons of children handling, and a messy house! But, since I can't stand being behind on everything, I'm working towards getting a set of routines that will make the week a bit easier now. Wanna see what they are? Then keep reading!

Morning Routine

Since mornings are hectic, my goals are to make sure that my kids get something before they head out to school. They get breakfast at school, but I want to make sure they eat something full of nutrition before they even leave the house. This goes for me too, since I work a full forty hours a week...meaning eight hours a day without food unless I specifically plan for it. Eventually I'll be purchasing my Thrive Routine, which will help a lot, but until then I'll be using meal replacement shakes as a way to get up in the morning. Since my cats don't like a dirty box, I'll also quickly clean out their boxes so they have a clean place to go that isn't anything of mine. I don't want a lot scheduled in the mornings since I'm usually pretty wiped out in the morning and especially if I don't get a lot of coffee or any form of caffeine right when I wake up.

Bedtime Routine

Even though I'm usually beyond exhausted in the evenings, my plans are to get the kids stuff set out and all papers signed before I go to sleep. Also I want to get at least one chore done or started so that I can finish it when they head out or during my lunch break. So, Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, I will be checking on the kids clothes, making sure laundry's done, and that my husband has the clothes and rags he needs to do his jobs without having to wash anything before he goes. This way it's pretty easy to just lay out everything in one go for the next couple days. Tuesdays and Sundays and the occasional Wednesdays I'll vacuum the house so that I can keep up with the overwhelming amount of dust two kids, two parents, and two cats can make in a week. This should help with the allergies we're all forced to endure as well.

Weekend Routine

The weekends will be the time I do most of my housework...when all the laundry for the week is done, when the meals are planned, when I catch up the rest of the way on dishes, pick up the house, etc. I am still not used to not having the time I'm used to during the week, so these days will have to be my main cleaning days. 

Health and Wellness Steps

Vitamins, rest, tons of disinfecting, and lots more will be on the to do list more often than normal. With all the sicknesses I and my kids are now exposed to, I have to make this a priority because otherwise we are totally set up to be sick every day. At this rate I've already missed two days of work because of sickness so that's a huge plan for this week for me. NO MORE GERMS!!! I am on a routine of several different things, like D3, some natural mood enhancers, regular vitamins, and some extra stuff I'm deficient in. Eventually, my goal is to switch to using my Thrive again, but when I keep missing days from having sick kids it makes things a little frustrating. Can you detect my slight irritation? 

Mealtime Changes

Now, here's the fun part. We usually eat very well as a rule, with tons of vegetables and lean protein, but I plan on adding extra nutrition everywhere I can. I decided to start buying the nutritional drinks from the grocery store since those add a few more vitamins to help combat this sickness season. I don't want to overdo it, so I plan to add a bottle to the milk they already drink so that it lasts a little longer than normal. They both get breakfast at school, so this is just a tiny boost to their bodies to get them further than otherwise. Hopefully this will start having a good effect in the next few weeks.

So, Why do you need to know this?

Well because if I can get on a schedule and benefit, then anyone can. I'm notoriously awful at keeping up any form of schedule or anything, so this is a sincere attempt to get myself in gear and be more productive at work, home, and with the kids' education. If I put it here, then I'm more likely to keep up especially since I will be giving short updates on how/what worked and why. Failure is embarrassing, so I prefer to actually succeed and do it. There are a few ways this will help me financially as well. I won't be using as many loads of laundry because I'll be saving loads til there's enough for a full load every time and will be putting them away right away instead of risking them getting dirty and rewashed again. I'll also get more sleep because I'll have done things every day instead of waiting til super late to remember. Welcome to October all you wonderful people, I hope you SOAR!!!

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