Sunday, August 12, 2018

Personal Coaching


New service available. I want to help encourage you to continue to follow your goals and learn more tricks how to live well, how to find income, and how to be encouraged even though life is crushingly difficult. Here's my first service involving direct conversation and help.
Many things I will discuss with you aren't found on this blog, as I believe in a personal connection rather than just one size fits everyone. Send me a message on Facebook to book your first week!

Basic Mentorship

I am available to discuss your plans, ideas, hopes, hates, frustrations, and more to help you figure out where and what you need to start on to achieve your dreams. I don't judge, I don't discriminate, however I must make it clear that there must be NO romantic relationships, ideas, plans, or hints either implied or stated. If I feel that your goal is to start a romantic relationship or ask for personally identifiable pictures (of any nature), romantic conversation of any nature (including sexual), I will immediately terminate the business relationship and no refunds will be given. Your name will be placed on a never accept list and all future products and services except books or ebooks will be prohibited. I am not looking for a romantic partner. I don't need unasked for pictures or demands for pictures. Thank you for understanding. This package is valued at USD $25 per week. Conversation limited to email only. 10 emails a week maximum. Facebook messaging is available, but due to the potential for abuse, I must charge a minimum of $15 per week added charge for the messaging option. I accept nearly all forms of payment, to include PayPal, Facebook Messenger, Digital Currency, and more. All payments MUST be made in advance. I charge a $15 fee for cancellation of service without notice.

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