Thursday, August 16, 2018

Learn how to accept your fear

This is a list of countries where my blog has been. I don't know if all are actual views by actual people, but even if I've reached people on half this list, I feel somewhat successful. I have found that during the middle of the month, I tend to start becoming down and sad and unmotivated.
This picture is one of the ways I try to encourage myself to continue trying and working hard. This won't be a long post, but a catch up and encouragement post to continue working even though you feel down about whether or not you'll ever do what you want to do. Fear can be crippling. I suffer from the fear I'm going to fail every single day. You can't let it overwhelm your drive to succeed.

Working through fear and accepting the feelings of fear that you're going to drown and never make it is really depressing at times, but necessary for you. Accepting your fear as valid will help you work through it and move past. You're going to make it. Don't think that because you're afraid it won't happen. Fear can move us further than complacency. Keep that in mind.

This is not a long post, just an encouragement to you and to myself that you can indeed succeed through your fear and move on! I encourage you to try it!

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