Thursday, August 30, 2018

August Goals...What Happened when I set huge goals

August Goals

I started this post on the tenth, because I wanted to keep up with the whole grabbing and passing goals post from earlier this month. It's good to keep yourself up to speed and familiar with what you want, because then you are able to constantly work on it rather than pushing it to the deadline and then scrambling to get to where you want to be.
So this month my goal was to way surpass my July goals...setting huge ones and working toward them. I really didn't have any specific day to day goals...just wanting to work toward the big ones without a plan or focus. That didn't really work well so I am changing my strategy for September. I am going to do weekly goals and focus on one or two things daily that will get me where I want to be instead of pushing toward a monthly goal. We shall see what happens this month. But, enough of next month for's how I did this past month.

Initial Goals

  • Minimum of 30 views per day (Missed several days and ended up with a few under 20, but was sick and didnt do anything but rest.
  • Goal of 5000 views in a month (2000ish views, which is still more than July or any of the months previous or ever!)
  • Surpass goal of 186 page views in one day(Have not surpassed this yet, which is okay as my average views per day is much higher than last month).
  • 10 blog posts this month (I think I hit 11 actually).
  • Use graphics software and improve my graphic design skills (lost canva...couldn't do as much as I wanted)
  • Continue to provide useful information (Most posts were about encouragement or saving money, which is my intention.)
  • Double my Twitter followers (started at 600 gained to 1100+)
  • Double my Facebook page likes and follows (Only got a few more than last month).
  • Help at least 5 people write more effectively and create better content (Did some practice for myself, but not at what I wanted to get
  • Earn some income on here (gotta start somewhere)(made a few pennies)


I also got some health challenges taken care of, got both kiddos in school, did a ton of planning my year including an hour of exercise at least 4 times a week, and got some major ideas on how to improve our lives. This has been a fantastic month, full of new things.
Aug 28 I passed last months views. I'm not going to make my august goal for views, but that's okay. Life doesn't always give us what we want.
I am on track to doubling my Twitter followers and that's lovely! No writing contracts or income to speak of, but I am working towards a better month in September.


So, here's to creating a new goal setting plan! I'm not going to bore you with my exact weekly goals, but I plan on breaking these main goals into chunks I can complete per day and week. I'm excited to see what happens. 

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