Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Post about Growth

Warning, inspiration post ahead! Enter at your own risk!
Okay just kidding, but yes, this post is about growth and how important it is! If your focus is not on growing yourself personally and professionally, you're very likely
to stagnate and stop growing.

Growth occurs when you decide that the issues facing you are worth fighting. When you decide not to just roll over and let life hit you without fighting back. Personally, there are a lot of issues that make it very difficult to not give up. We have been without a car for almost a year now. Thanks for that Hurricane/Tropical store Harvey. Finances have never been strong, and we are often forced to juggle bills with needs and go without a lot. It's difficult for our family for me to stay home as income from a job would be very helpful right now. Daycare is impossibly above our budget, so having a place for the kids to go in order for me to work is not possible at the moment. This is okay though, since I've always been a person that focused on what I had, not what I couldn't have.

Now, with everything negative going on with my life, this is what I choose to remember, and keep focusing on. Because we cannot afford childcare, I get to have my kids with me more than I would with them being in daycare. Not having a car makes exercise easy as we walk everywhere, and since my husband works at a place that's within walking distance, he can still get to work. My family is able to help us with rides to doctor appointments, which means we can spend more time with them than if we had a car. There are always possibilities for you even when you feel like life is hopeless.

My personal growth is important to me, so I spend at least a few minutes every single day either reading, writing, studying, or focusing on something positive. You can do the same with your life. Journaling is also a very good way to remind yourself of the good things. Spend some time writing something good that happened and how you're going to continue thinking of the good without focusing on the bad.

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