Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Living a Life of Health and Wellness: My Journey with Essential Oils

My Journey with Essential Oils
Over the past few months I have been learning about essential oils and how they can support a healthy lifestyle. Living a life eating and drinking and using whatever you want can be easier, but convenience is sacrificed for health and wellness. Throughout my journey through life,
I have realized that beginning and maintaining a healthy life is more important than convenience! Short answer is yes they do support healthy vitality and well running body systems. I have started with the premium starter kit that comes with a diffuser, multiple different oils, and a few samples of their different items. I did the math and it's a bit cheaper to just spring for the whole thing. I chose Young Living for a variety of reasons, to include the costs of the kits and the contents. Each oil in the kit was directly useful to me in a lot of areas. Young Living is unique in that it uses a seed to seal guarantee meaning that the oils used are watched from seedlings throughout the entire process. I love that assurance that what I'm putting in my body and into the air are not adulterated in any way. `

I'm not going to bore you with details and compensation, and all the extra stuff since that's not my style. My wish is to show you what these oils do for my family and for our life. I'm not going all into every single oil and what they do, although I will be posting more as my expertise grows. Here I will focus on some of my favorite ones. 


Frankincense is well known in the ancient world as both a religious oil and as an antiseptic. Frankincense is created by using the resin from a tree found native in Somalia. I use this oil when I'm having a bad day, when I need some extra help in my skincare, or as a way to be more productive. You can find a bottle in the deluxe starter kit Young Living offers. This is how I got to try mine and I absolutely love it.


This is one of my absolute favorites. It's a mix of odor controlling oils that also smell fantastic! I use this almost daily...in fact, my husband is also known to diffuse this when he's home and I'm sleeping. I've awakened to this more than once and it makes me so happy he is benefiting form Essential Oils.


My kids use this one all the time. I have a rather highly active set of kiddos, so I mix this one with a few others when they're just unable to regulate their behavior. It does wonders for concentrating and I'm planning on building on my current mixture to help them even more. Copaiba can be used to help with localize discomfort, and my kids use it as an "anti-itchy." All around fantastic and you can get one in your starter kit when you join.


Delicious smell, wonderful benefits! I use the vitality version in my cooking and baking, the regular version in my kitchen as a deodorizer and pretty smell maker. Lemon oil was a benefit from the Essential Rewards club one month. I also got one as a reward for the type of diffuser I selected in my kit. 


This is a wonderful vitality oil to add to your spaghetti sauces as it has a wonderful almost Italian smell due to the fennel oil and other oils within its combination! It also smells fantastic and is wonderful for digestive support! I love that it came with the starter kit and that I could get in on Essential Rewards also.

Savvy Minerals

These cosmetics are created with essential oils as a main ingredient without toxic chemicals. I love that I can use them and not worry about causing skin issues and problems that are commonly seen in most other makeup. That's the main benefit..they also make me look fantastic so that's always a huge plus. YoungLiving has a Savvy Minerals Kit you can buy as well that gives you a broad spectrum of the items they offer at a discount.


These are wonderful for your kids. Many of the same oils are here, but at concentrations that can be used without dilution. Helps a lot if you're running low on time and don't have anything prediluted.

Final Thoughts

This is a tiny bit longer than my usual posts, but I got excited talking about them. I'd love to help you get your wholesale membership so you can get much lower prices than for retail. These products have helped me a lot and I want them to help you too. Pretty soon I'll be starting a essential oils 101 course, so you can learn a bit more about what they are and what they do. For now though...have a wonderful rest of your day or night!

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