Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Social Media Management Training

New Courses Available!

Social Media Management, Quick Start Training

For all you ladies interested in social media management but aren't sure how to begin, I have found this wonderful training course that gives you the basics on what to expect with your job duties, how to advertise your services, what acceptable rates to charge, and a ton of fantastic resources to get you started making an income with this opportunity! 
Please note...this price may not stay this low for long. Interest is high and I have no idea how long prices will remain what they are. Don't miss out!
Here's some of the details:

In this program you will learn

  • What a social media manager does.
  • social media setup and auditing
  • Social media strategy, consulting, and advertising
  • How to create and manage content
  • Social media workshops and public speaking
  • How to find resources, what to charge your clients, tools available for you to use, and how to find work
This is a fantastic opportunity for you! Sign up here 
Please remember that all sales are final.

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