Thursday, June 28, 2018

Money Saving Ideas for the Home

What about the rest of the house? Should you just stop in the kitchen and don't work on anything else? I don't think you should, since there are many different ways you can save a bit here and there on energy costs and even help keep things last longer. Don't worry if you can't get to all of these...even one or two should help you a bit more than you think.

Laundry and Home Savings:

Don't think you have to stop in the kitchen! You can save some more if you consider these options.
Keeping temperature of AC down a couple degrees, blinds closing, blackout curtains, running washer on warm or cool instead of hot, using old bars of soap as a laundry assistant, using dryer sheets as cleaning aids, watering down soaps and shampoos to make them last slightly longer, using food materials as beauty products.

Home Stuff

Okay, heating and cooling your house. If you live in a super hot and humid climate like I do, cooling costs can become incredibly prohibitive. How do you save money while staying cool? What's a good temperature to hold your house at? Should you turn your AC off when you leave the house for an extended period of time? What should you do about the windows and blinds? These are all good questions, and I will tell you some ways to help fix the money expenses caused by these issues.
Washing clothes in cooler water. Washing clothes takes time and electricity, both to heat up the water and to run the machine. At my home, we try to use only cold water unless it's super dirty, hang dry our clothes, and to also hand wash those items that are only minimally dirty to save on water and electricity. Plus, if you live in a hot climate, running the dryer adds heat to the house and makes the air conditioning run longer, which costs money. Hang drying can pull heat out and keep the house slightly cooler than allowing the dryer to run and wasting valuable electricity.

Used Saves Cash

Yes, I know there are dangers to buying certain things from thrift stores, but for a lot of products, you can find things a lot cheaper than at the bigger department stores. With thrift stores you can find things that aren't available anymore and you can help reduce your ecological impact and trash footprint. Keeping old things you don't use anymore also takes up space in your home or storage unit and getting rid of them allows others to buy it and use it for longer.
These are just a few types of ways you can save a little bit here here and there. Hope they work for you.

To Conclude

Saving money takes time and energy. It can be somewhat uncomfortable, but if you want to save cash wherever you, sometimes it's not the most comfortable or coolest way. Small measurable steps build success. These steps you take will begin becoming habits, and will create less waste and protect our planet.

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