Monday, December 18, 2017

From the Writer's Corner, a brand new section designed to help brand new English speakers learn the intricacies of English

Calling all folks from India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Africa, and anywhere where English is not a native language! I would love to offer help to all interested in increasing their skill in English. As my major goal is to provide services and help globally, I thought that having a section specifically for those who are learning English or just want to practice or someone to check their work will provide help to those who are looking for this. I offer English help to all non-native English speakers at any level of skill. Meaning, if you can understand what I'm saying, but aren't sure how to say what you want to say, say no more. I will help you turn your thoughts into words.

Information to help you:
To that end, once a week for now, I will share a tip on how to make yourself look more fluent in English and that will help you with your own writing practice. Ultimately I will offer coaching services at a reasonable price that will give you someone to make sure your writing is not going to make someone leave your blog or business because you "can't speak English so isn't worth their time." No, you can speak English, but English isn't the easiest language to learn and you're doing fine.

Weekly Tip #1
My tip for the week is to practice your writing! Go open up a blog post, write in a notebook with a pen or pencil, and just write. Don't use your native language, use English and try to use as many words as you know. Once you have something, look up an English dictionary and just read the explanations and definitions. Eventually, you will start using them in your writing and speaking easily. You don't learn a new language in a day, it takes lots of practice.

Note* At some point, I will be operating an email list to help you even more. In it you will find common mistakes and how to fix them, how to write English well, and how sentences work. I will also work on sentence structure and how to write a sentence that does not go on and on and isn't "fragmented"(not complete). Stay tuned for more information on that since I am in the beginning stages.

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