Friday, November 24, 2017

New Series! Survey Sites that WORK!

Ah, the ever proclaimed "How to make billions of dollars doing surveys!" post. No, you're not gonna make a ton of money doing this, but hey if you're bored
and need something to occupy your time that will make you a little money, surveys might be just the thing for you. I'm only going to talk about one survey site and focus on one new site per week. This helps keep the information overload down to a minimum.

Are you ever just bored out of your mind? Like all your kids are asleep, you managed a nap while they were at school so you're not exhausted, and you just cannot fall asleep to save your life? Well, if you're in the mindset of making money and always capitalizing on your time, have you considered doing paying surveys? Or, have you considered doing that but didn't want to waste your time with sites that pay little to nothing? Well, I have good news! I have done some work for you and tested a few for you to make sure they are not a waste of time. Here's the first one for this week.

This site allows you to make money filling out surveys, reading emails, performing web searches, and completing offers. I personally love it because I can make a little income while waiting for my children to finish something, on a break while working, and right before bed. A lot of the offers require money at first, or are a sharply discounted try it out offer, so you have to be really careful to make sure you're not being charged for things you don't want because you forgot to cancel the subscription. I have been using this one for about eight years off and on, and have always gotten paid, except when I forgot about it and the account went inactive and wary about that too! Don't let inactivity keep you from earning your rewards. Also, the minimum to cash out is 30 dollars, and you get five to start off. If you love doing offers and don't mind their initial cost, you can at least make back the cost of the offer by your cash back.

Something to remember:
It is important to remember that you will not make a million dollars doing surveys! These will work to get you cash in your pocket, but won't be enough to live off. What I do is I use the income I generate from surveys and others to invest into cryptocurrency. These amounts do not really benefit you, but if you place them into a currency that is experiencing a rush upwards, that thirty or so dollars will grow into something greater! Another thing to remember, sometimes it can take a while to reach the minimums required to cash out, which means you'll be working for a while without a reward. It's important to stay dedicated to this, because you have to put a little work into it. It won't just happen overnight.

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