Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Update: Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey aftermath

Hi all, I apologize for the delay in posts. My area has been hit by Hurricane Harvey, and as such most of us have sustained a substantial amount of damage to homes
, cars, and places of work. It is astounding to see how much love and sweat/tears/muscle have been given freely to a very hurting city. Nothing seems to bring humans together like a tragedy/disaster of this magnitude. My heart has turned to the Caribbean, and to Florida as they are experiencing the calm before a storm even bigger and more dangerous than what we just sustained. On that note, and probably until the hurricane season ends, I will be sharing posts and information relating to hurricane preparation in general, insurance information, how to save your belongings (or rescue/restore them), and things of that nature. We don't need to worry about ten dollars here or there when we're faced with the reality of losing absolutely everything but whatever we brought with us.
As it's four in the morning where I am, I will end this post with a huge thank you to any of you who read this and have donated money, time, a shoulder to cry on, or helped with the sheer logistical nightmare that distributing donations and items to the ones who need them is. I applaud you, and thank you for all you have done. Just remember, we are still going to be cleaning nasty sewage water, mold, destroyed clothes and furniture, and a bunch more even when the drama and constant news coverage goes away. If you're considering donating, please do, but try and wait a little while until the donation fever diminishes. We will need it all the more then.
I'm so proud of my home state. Thank you Texans for being so ready and willing to drop everything and canoe down a road to save a life.

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