Friday, August 4, 2017

Saving and Keeping Waste at a Minimum

One of my passions is reducing my impact to the environment! Cutting down waste is huge because it directly impacts
the environment in a positive way. I go into more detail here. My goal with this is to inspire you to take your own steps to benefit this country and globe in any way you can.

As I have mentioned before, reducing my personal waste and consumption is very important to me. I'm sure this is not just me, but I know that reducing your impact can be overwhelming. It really isn't if you begin to take small steps now to cut down on what you end up throwing away.

Here another resource that outlines some of the steps you can take to start your own journey. I have done quite a few of these myself.
5 things you can do to protect the environment without turning your life upside down

Personally, my methods for saving and keeping waste down are simple. I refuse to buy something unless I actually truly need it. I don't need a lot to survive, which means that most must haves for others aren't important to me. I try my hardest not to purchase food items that are double or triple packaged. As much as I can, I grow my own food and then use the waste plant parts as compost. I also take all of my compostable materials and compost them, which allows me to use less fertilizer and soil for the next year. The foods I grow will help cut down on transport costs and wasted fuel that would be used if I bought everything from the store. Plus, it's healthier too. Another thing I do is purchase as many things as I can second hand from thrift and resale stores. Too many perfectly good things are thrown away every year, and buying here will cut that down significantly.

Have you ever thought or realized that being conscious of the environment can save or even earn yourself some money? Repurposing old and worn out furniture with paint or stain can get you a decent profit, allowing you to turn around and resale for higher than you paid for it.

Real lasting change can only come if we all make a concerted effort to change ourselves. You must decide to want to change and lower your dependence on things to make you happy. Only you must personally decide to make the change. It's not something someone else can make you do. I would encourage you to make the jump; the results just might shock you!

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