Thursday, July 12, 2018

4 Free Money Making Apps and Websites

Do you feel like all the things you're bombarded with to make money on the internet require money? As you may agree, I would rather work towards earning income without spending money, or at least get the income to pay for these paid opportunities without spending money out of my own pocket. Here are a few free money making apps and websites for you to use/take advantage of


This Free money making Google Play app rewards you for downloading and playing games with your phone in your spare time. These apps and games are customized to you and your habits, and can include some interesting games and things to help you pass time. Also, they change daily, so all you have to do is wait til the next day if you don't like whatever is available. Simply use the apps you've downloaded through the program and receive rewards in mCoins you can redeem for PayPal credit. That's it!


This is a good one. I've received upwards of fifty US dollars with this app. All you do is answer a question that pops up on your screen when you unlock your phone. You receive points every time you answer a question and the points grow pretty quickly. You cash out through Paypal, and your balance must be greater than ten dollars to qualify. Yes it can take a minute to get enough, but the results are better than a lot of the other survey sites I have seen. If you'd like a special bonus, type in DT20XH when prompted and you'll receive a special bonus of extra points. Now, on to a more traditional company and form of earning income, this one by performing tasks for cash.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

This Free opportunity gives you the chance to perform tasks that a computer cannot do, such as outlining parts of a picture, completing surveys, extracting information off websites or shipping receipts, and lots of others. There are so many ways to earn money that you are guaranteed to find something, even if it only pays a tiny amount. Even users with advanced skills are able to find at least something within here if you look hard enough, plus, it's not too difficult to get started. First, click on the link and then select "Find hits now" and follow the steps to get enrolled. Remember that it might take a little time to get qualified enough to get hits that are worth more money, but stick with it. I've paid debt and bought necessities with my income from this. There are several ways to get your earnings. First, you can have it sent to your amazon payments account or you can select a gift card amount. After it has hit your payments account, you are able to either use it for or have it withdrawn to your own personal bank account. Now, I mentioned something interesting about Paypal, so now I'm going to explain what I meant earlier next.


Okay all things PayPal. As many of you guys know, PayPal has become an all inclusive payment method, but did you know there's more you can do than just what is offered? Wanna hear an interesting fact about PayPal. Did you know that you can actually exchange between currencies within your PayPal account? I happened to discover this a few months ago when I received my first payments from Applike. They happened to have paid in Euro, which as you know has a varying exchange rate between itself and the U.S. Dollar. This may seem irritating and inconvenient at first, but it just so happens that it can work as a small scale Forex experiment. As many of you know, Forex is the international currency exchange industry that banks on currency ratios constant change to strategically buy and sell at a profit. With PayPal you can do the same thing without paying top dollar for investors or wasting tons of time and possibly money shopping around. You do need to do a bit of outside research and be prepared to possibly lose money, but for spare change and extras you can have a little fun and increase your balance a little...or a lot! The sky's the limit for this one. For example, through Applike I have received around ten dollars approximately in value, but since I'm paid in Euro, and with the currencies exchange rates, my actual amount of PayPal credit can fluctuate and end up earning me more than that over time. This can be a significant positive income as well as a negative one since exchange rates can change pretty rapidly, so don't try this with any money you need for bills. Overall, my "earnings" are around $2.00, since U.S. Dollars are valued less than a Euro and therefore each Euro exchanges to a higher Dollar amount. So you can see that there's really some fun involved, especially if you get lots of payments to your PayPal and can watch your earnings grow!

As a warning, however, please remember that currency exchange rates can change quite quickly and you could easily lose money as well as gain, which means this does take a bit of effort and skill to make it all work. Personally, it's a game, so it does feel like a fun way to possibly make some money. Good luck trading! And may all your currency exchange rates be beneficial to you!

Please note this article may have affiliate links that provide a commission for me. I don't promote or advertise for anything I don't personally love.

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