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Here are some links to my favorite products and services, plus a more detailed list of the packages and services I offer. A lot of these are subscription based, with payment options either on the website OR within the service itself. The direct assistance packages offered by me are able to be paid through PayPal or Facebook Messaging, so contact me through my Facebook page for more details...just tell me where you are coming from so I don't get confused.

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Personal Writing and Advertising Packages

Package 1 Basic service: 

$50 USD per month, paid in advance 
One month of *copy editing, creative writing consulting, and tips and tricks to get your work to the level you want it to be. I will help you make your writing soar, and take those rough ideas and create a masterpiece. NOTE: This does not include article creation, copy I create from scratch, or anything that I build for you. However, for those who are concerned their work just isn't quite up to the level it needs to be, this will help build your confidence in yourself.
*Maximum of 5 pieces per month editing.

Package 2 Creative Content Writing Level 1

$150 USD per month, paid in advance.
All of package 1 including 1 blog/article/informational content per month, consultations on Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest ads and posts, and extra revisions on your previously written copy.

Package 3 Creative Content Writing Level 2

$250 USD per month, paid in advance.
All of above, PLUS 3 blog entries/articles/informational content per month, 2-3 Twitter posts per day, 1 Instagram post per day, and management of Facebook groups to include comments and replies to all interested posters.
Social Media Packages:
Social media packages are now available on my list of services I offer. I want to provide value to all I can, so please take advantage of these low offers. When my experience grows, so will my prices, so please grab them while they're low priced! I will be adding more stuff plus valuable training options, so check back here if you don't see something right away.

$5.00 USD:
2-3 Retweets of your content per day,

$10.00 USD
5 Retweets of your content per day, 1 mention of your twitter name.

$20.00 USD
1 Call to follow, 10 retweets per day, 2-3 mentions of your name per day.

$5.00 USD:
2-3 Interactions with your posted products and content

$10.00 USD
5 Interactions with your posted products and content
1 Reshare of your 4 requested contents on my public pages

$20.00 USD
1 Call to follow your personal or business page, 10 interactions with your content,

$25.00 :1 Reshare of your content and comments. Interactions with your previously posted content.
Pinterest: 1-2 Repins of your content.

Please note, these are affiliate links and I may receive a commission for any made. This helps me continue to provide good content and improve offerings and services. Thank you for your patronage! Also, for all messages regarding services, please contact me by Facebook and I will share with you ways to pay for these awesome packages.

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