Tuesday, July 31, 2018

End of July Check up and August Goals

End of Month Check Up Time!

So, I have seen a lot of bloggers do end of month reviews of their blog and re-evaluate their goals and how well/poorly they have done that month. At first, I didn't see the point of doing it since I really didn't have set goals or anything to really account for... As I pursued a pretty rigorous promotion month on both Facebook and Twitter, I have realized that it's probably a good idea to do the same for my own blog, as a way to see where I am and how far I've gone, plus see what I need to focus on the next month. So, here is my month of July check up and goal setting for August!

July Goals

In the beginning of the month, my goals weren't very set up or defined. I decided to see how it went and to adjust as time went on to raise or lower my expectations. These became my goals for July once I actually decided to get busy and figure out exactly what I was trying to do.

Here are my July Goals

  • Get a minimum of ten views a day (yep, I know that's small, but progress is progress no matter what)
  • Get a minimum of 300 views a month (also super small)
  • Set up and begin adding ads as a form of income (not expecting much for the next couple months)
  • Find a couple affiliates that I can work with that provide value for me and for my readers.
  • Promote more effectively on Facebook and Twitter
  • Earn some money with my writing and content creation service
  • Get views from at least 15 different countries
  • Write at least 6 blog entries this month
  • Learn how to create personalized pictures and incorporate them within my blog and social media.

Here's what happened in July:

  • Met initial goal of 10 views per day.
  • Hit quite a few 100 per day days (8 days specifically).
  • Got a record 113 views in one day, then broke it, then broke it again, and now my highest pageview day is 187 (31July).
  • Just barely missed 2000 page views in July (highest ever)
  • Added an ad program and found a couple affiliate programs I can support and vouch for.
  • Promoted and got quite a few more followers than I planned for.
  • Began content editing for a couple wonderful customers.
  • Exactly six blog posts created...excluding this one.
  • Began working on a picture/graphics creation software and created more than 20 pictures for sharing to this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • Viewed in at least 14 countries (that I could see) and probably more than that since I didn't keep huge track on that.
  • Made some wonderful contacts with other bloggers and was able to help promote other bloggers to gain views and interest.

Results Analysis

Personally, I'm very happy with my results and with the work I put into my Successful Mommy Tips and Ideas blog. These results do not include other blogs, such as my cryptoblog or random musings, as I will eventually put something like this to analyze those as well (not sure yet there). Income really didn't increase, which is what I was expecting since I'm still very small and not recognized as an expert. That initially wasn't my goal, and still isnt really, although it will be nice when it happens. 

August Goals:

Initial Goals

  • Minimum of 30 views per day
  • Goal of 5000 views in a month
  • Surpass goal of 186 page views in one day
  • 10 blog posts this month
  • Use graphics software and improve my graphic design skills
  • Continue to provide useful information
  • Double my Twitter followers 
  • Double my Facebook page likes and follows
  • Help at least 5 people write more effectively and create better content.
  • Earn some income on here (gotta start somewhere)


As a month in entirety, I personally believe July has been monumental for me! I gained the confidence in myself to create useful content, surprised myself by learning more graphic design than I thought of, was able to contact people more effectively, and did a lot of personal growth. August is promising to do exactly that AND MORE. So excited to see what happens and how wonderful August will be!

Social Media Packages Available

Social media packages are now available on my list of services I offer. I want to provide value to all I can, so please take advantage of these low offers. When my experience grows, so will my prices, so please grab them while they're low priced! I will be adding more stuff plus valuable training options, so check back here if you don't see something right away.

$5.00 USD:
2-3 Retweets of your content per day,

$10.00 USD
5 Retweets of your content per day, 1 mention of your twitter name.

$20.00 USD
1 Call to follow, 10 retweets per day, 2-3 mentions of your name per day.

$5.00 USD:
2-3 Interactions with your posted products and content

$10.00 USD
5 Interactions with your posted products and content
1 Reshare of your 4 requested contents on my public pages

$20.00 USD
1 Call to follow your personal or business page, 10 interactions with your content,

$25.00 :1 Reshare of your content and comments. Interactions with your previously posted content.
Pinterest: 1-2 Repins of your content.

Please be aware that these are monthly prices. So, in case you're confused, you pay for one month at a time and all listed will be part of your benefits package. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to be able to assist you soon! Please comment and I will get with you, or message my Facebook page

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Wellness Spotlight: Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is finally back in my house, so as a way of celebrating, I will be telling you a little more about this wonderful oil and how I personally use it with my family. I add lavender to pretty much everything, from skincare, to my diffuser to help create a calming and relaxing environment, to my hair care products, and even in an essential oil blend to combat body odor. Here's a brief introduction for why I love lavender and what I use it for.

Skin and Hair Care

This is a main ingredient of pretty much every single skin care product I make. I prefer to make most if not all of what I use to wash ourselves and in the bath, since I can verify what's in it and not worry about toxins that shouldn't be introduced into the house. It's great for helping the scalp stay healthy, awesome for the skin, and worth its weight in gold (in my humble opinion). 

Bathtime Use

So, if you have crazy wild children like I do, you're scrambling for anything to get them to calm down a lot, especially at night. Try lavender in their bath water and as a refreshing soak! Bonus scalp care and skin care help, plus it helps the body relax and settle down. My kids go down immediately or pretty close to after they get out of the bath, so I'd have to say it works for us.

Sleep Aid

It goes without saying that a calm and relaxed kiddo/or adult, falls asleep much faster. As this is the case, I add lavender with a mix of other oils to a diffuser at night, and let it go until it runs out of water. I use the Dewdrop diffuser, since I got a free lemon vitality oil with it as a reward, but there's plenty of other beautiful ones to choose from.

So, what?

To conclude, since I don't want to overwhelm with information right now, I believe that lavender essential oil is a great oil to have. I put it in literally everything, and it works fantastically for my family. Also, with Young Living, the oil is not very expensive, especially if you buy the 15 ml bottle. As always, please contact me either through a comment, on my facebook page, or however you'd like and I'll get you more information! Would love to hear more from you and to learn what types of oils you'd like to try or how to get started with your own premium starter kit!

Resources I used to create this post:


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Social Media Branding

Social Media Branding... What is it?

In a previous article, I wrote about managing Social Media as a career. This post builds on that knowledge to give you an extra edge and learn how to brand yourself. Curious to know what Social Media Branding is? Then read on and find out!!!
Social Media Branding is the act of viewing and promoting yourself on Social Media as a reliable and valuable resource. Knowing how to brand yourself is incredibly important, and also why major companies have been able to make their millions or billions of dollars. It can be tricky and difficult to figure out how to do this, but one of my favorite Social Media coaches has created a training to help you get started in this field. I will give you her words, because they're much better than mine!!! This is how she describes this field and how this training course will build you a great foundation to start on:

Social Media Branding Quick Start

by Coach Razz

In this training the topics covered are how to transition from employee to entrepreneur, define who you are, social media principles, how to do a Facebook assessment, a branding formula, how to create your image, how to target the prospect, how to grow your following, and the top 9 marketing terms that create engagement, and the power of headline.

Okay back to me! 

What do you think? Would you like to learn more and get started? I want to help you build an income and learn how to brand yourself...These trainings, both the Social Media Management Quick Start and the branding course work together to give you an even clearer view on how this stuff works. 
A bundled option allows you to save on both if cost is an issue. Cannot wait to get you started on your Social Media Management career!

Please note this article may have affiliate links that provide a commission for me. I don't promote or advertise for anything I don't personally love.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Living a Life of Health and Wellness!

My Journey with Essential Oils
Over the past few months I have been learning about essential oils and how they can support a healthy lifestyle. Living a life eating and drinking and using whatever you want can be easier, but convenience is sacrificed for health and wellness. Throughout my journey through life, I have realized that beginning and maintaining a healthy life is more important than convenience! Short answer is yes they do support healthy vitality and well running body systems. I have started with the premium starter kit that comes with a diffuser, multiple different oils, and a few samples of their different items. I did the math and it's a bit cheaper to just spring for the whole thing. I chose Young Living for a variety of reasons, to include the costs of the kits and the contents. Each oil in the kit was directly useful to me in a lot of areas. Young Living is unique in that it uses a seed to seal guarantee meaning that the oils used are watched from seedlings throughout the entire process. I love that assurance that what I'm putting in my body and into the air are not adulterated in any way. `

I'm not going to bore you with details and compensation, and all the extra stuff since that's not my style. My wish is to show you what these oils do for my family and for our life. I'm not going all into every single oil and what they do, although I will be posting more as my expertise grows. Here I will focus on some of my favorite ones. 


Frankincense is well known in the ancient world as both a religious oil and as an antiseptic. Frankincense is created by using the resin from a tree found native in Somalia. I use this oil when I'm having a bad day, when I need some extra help in my skincare, or as a way to be more productive. You can find a bottle in the deluxe starter kit Young Living offers. This is how I got to try mine and I absolutely love it.


This is one of my absolute favorites. It's a mix of odor controlling oils that also smell fantastic! I use this almost daily...in fact, my husband is also known to diffuse this when he's home and I'm sleeping. I've awakened to this more than once and it makes me so happy he is benefiting form Essential Oils.


My kids use this one all the time. I have a rather highly active set of kiddos, so I mix this one with a few others when they're just unable to regulate their behavior. It does wonders for concentrating and I'm planning on building on my current mixture to help them even more. Copaiba can be used to help with localize discomfort, and my kids use it as an "anti-itchy." All around fantastic and you can get one in your starter kit when you join.


Delicious smell, wonderful benefits! I use the vitality version in my cooking and baking, the regular version in my kitchen as a deodorizer and pretty smell maker. Lemon oil was a benefit from the Essential Rewards club one month. I also got one as a reward for the type of diffuser I selected in my kit. 


This is a wonderful vitality oil to add to your spaghetti sauces as it has a wonderful almost Italian smell due to the fennel oil and other oils within its combination! It also smells fantastic and is wonderful for digestive support! I love that it came with the starter kit and that I could get in on Essential Rewards also.

Savvy Minerals

These cosmetics are created with essential oils as a main ingredient without toxic chemicals. I love that I can use them and not worry about causing skin issues and problems that are commonly seen in most other makeup. That's the main benefit..they also make me look fantastic so that's always a huge plus. YoungLiving has a Savvy Minerals Kit you can buy as well that gives you a broad spectrum of the items they offer at a discount.


These are wonderful for your kids. Many of the same oils are here, but at concentrations that can be used without dilution. Helps a lot if you're running low on time and don't have anything prediluted.

Final Thoughts

This is a tiny bit longer than my usual posts, but I got excited talking about them. I'd love to help you get your wholesale membership so you can get much lower prices than for retail. These products have helped me a lot and I want them to help you too. Pretty soon I'll be starting a essential oils 101 course, so you can learn a bit more about what they are and what they do. For now though...have a wonderful rest of your day or night!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Free Money Making Apps and Websites

Do you feel like all the things you're bombarded with to make money on the internet require money? As you may agree, I would rather work towards earning income without spending money, or at least get the income to pay for these paid opportunities without spending money out of my own pocket. Here are a few free money making apps and websites for you to use/take advantage of


This Free money making Google Play app rewards you for downloading and playing games with your phone in your spare time. These apps and games are customized to you and your habits, and can include some interesting games and things to help you pass time. Also, they change daily, so all you have to do is wait til the next day if you don't like whatever is available. Simply use the apps you've downloaded through the program and receive rewards in mCoins you can redeem for PayPal credit. That's it!


This is a good one. I've received upwards of fifty US dollars with this app. All you do is answer a question that pops up on your screen when you unlock your phone. You receive points every time you answer a question and the points grow pretty quickly. You cash out through Paypal, and your balance must be greater than ten dollars to qualify. Yes it can take a minute to get enough, but the results are better than a lot of the other survey sites I have seen. If you'd like a special bonus, type in DT20XH when prompted and you'll receive a special bonus of extra points. Now, on to a more traditional company and form of earning income, this one by performing tasks for cash.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

This Free opportunity gives you the chance to perform tasks that a computer cannot do, such as outlining parts of a picture, completing surveys, extracting information off websites or shipping receipts, and lots of others. There are so many ways to earn money that you are guaranteed to find something, even if it only pays a tiny amount. Even users with advanced skills are able to find at least something within here if you look hard enough, plus, it's not too difficult to get started. First, click on the link and then select "Find hits now" and follow the steps to get enrolled. Remember that it might take a little time to get qualified enough to get hits that are worth more money, but stick with it. I've paid debt and bought necessities with my income from this. There are several ways to get your earnings. First, you can have it sent to your amazon payments account or you can select a gift card amount. After it has hit your payments account, you are able to either use it for Amazon.com or have it withdrawn to your own personal bank account. Now, I mentioned something interesting about Paypal, so now I'm going to explain what I meant earlier next.


Okay all things PayPal. As many of you guys know, PayPal has become an all inclusive payment method, but did you know there's more you can do than just what is offered? Wanna hear an interesting fact about PayPal. Did you know that you can actually exchange between currencies within your PayPal account? I happened to discover this a few months ago when I received my first payments from Applike. They happened to have paid in Euro, which as you know has a varying exchange rate between itself and the U.S. Dollar. This may seem irritating and inconvenient at first, but it just so happens that it can work as a small scale Forex experiment. As many of you know, Forex is the international currency exchange industry that banks on currency ratios constant change to strategically buy and sell at a profit. With PayPal you can do the same thing without paying top dollar for investors or wasting tons of time and possibly money shopping around. You do need to do a bit of outside research and be prepared to possibly lose money, but for spare change and extras you can have a little fun and increase your balance a little...or a lot! The sky's the limit for this one. For example, through Applike I have received around ten dollars approximately in value, but since I'm paid in Euro, and with the currencies exchange rates, my actual amount of PayPal credit can fluctuate and end up earning me more than that over time. This can be a significant positive income as well as a negative one since exchange rates can change pretty rapidly, so don't try this with any money you need for bills. Overall, my "earnings" are around $2.00, since U.S. Dollars are valued less than a Euro and therefore each Euro exchanges to a higher Dollar amount. So you can see that there's really some fun involved, especially if you get lots of payments to your PayPal and can watch your earnings grow!

As a warning, however, please remember that currency exchange rates can change quite quickly and you could easily lose money as well as gain, which means this does take a bit of effort and skill to make it all work. Personally, it's a game, so it does feel like a fun way to possibly make some money. Good luck trading! And may all your currency exchange rates be beneficial to you!

Please note this article may have affiliate links that provide a commission for me. I don't promote or advertise for anything I don't personally love.

A Couple Survey Sites I Use Frequently

Going Back to a Previously Written Post

It's been a minute since I've written about survey sites. Usually we hear negative things about survey sites... that they take forever to earn, too long to receive payment, etc, but this is a very good way to build up little bits of income here and there! Not a single method to earn money (legally) isn't a "waste of time". So, without wasting more of your time, here's two I use daily.

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is a website/survey service that gives its users a couple ways to build income. This site has been around forever and has given me personally multiple ten+ dollar paychecks. What's cool about them is that they have a software similar to Nielson Online Panel, where they reward you for allowing them to anonymously collect information on sites visited as a way to gauge interest with various trends in social media, products, and other important insights. This may sound fishy, but companies pay money for this information as it helps them discover the types of products and services people are wanting. Now, having this installed does not provide personally identifying information, such as name, address, or anything personal that would identify you to their systems. This service provides aggregate information, IE what types of info most people of varying demographics are searching for. Check it out here!

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another one. I've used it for years and have earned over $50 dollars for very infrequent use! I seriously suggest checking it out and signing up for free offers and earning money for checking your email and filling out surveys. There are lots of other benefits/income earning opportunities here too.

Just to let you know:

Just so you know, these are affiliate offers and I may receive a reward for interest/action. Thank you for supporting me! These rewards are used to continue to run my blog and give better opportunities for my family. Your support of this blog is sincerely appreciated!!!

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